Herculaneum Guided Tour

Seeing Herculaneum by your own can be confusing so we have designed for you the Best of Tour. Hope you will enjoy this amazing tour with us.

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Herculaneum is located at the feet of the vulcano Vesuvio, on August 24 of  AD 79 when Vesuvio violently erupted and completely burned the small city under thick layers of hot volcanic debris. The citizen died after a huge thermal shock after various successions of superheated pyroclastic surges and lava flows. This is the second important archeological site in the world after Pompeii, also belong the World Heritage sites Unesco.

Your guide will show you the public baths, the Forum, the Temples, Theaters,  Mosaics and other things from the original Roman City.

With us you will visit the historic Roman City, with an expert guide and without wasting times in long lines for entrances.

The duration of this tour is about 3 hours. The Herculaneum Tour is popular so don’t forget to book early here on the website. You can choose where to start the tour contacting us.

Some of these tours could not be fully accessible for wheelchair users or people with disabilities, however contact us directly and we will be able to give you alternative routs suitable for you.

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